Studies in Geology
Foam Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018
Over The Horizon, Drone Vision: Surveillance, Warfare, Protest
Nimac, Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, 2018
PARTY Contemporary | Artist-run gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2018
Where are you going young man, handsome like a legend
Point Centre for Contemporary Art, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2017
The Equilibrists
organized by the Deste Foundation and the New Museum, New York in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, 2016
Waterfall,2022, sound performance + experimental film (excerpt)

Stelios kallinikou in collaboration with Tasos Lamnisos
Xarkis festival, Agros, Cyprus, in the framework of Contested desires.

The performance sonically activates part of Agro's water infrastructure dveloped during the Brisish rule period. The water tunnels are transformed into carriers of radar sounds blending with mantras and sacred syllables, exploring notions of visibility and invisibility, spirituality, emergency sounds, distance, alongside underground communication tactics